My journey started oh so long ago. I grew up with evolving music around me, from the birth of Mtv to cliques in both the Hip hop, metal and electronic arts. My childhood dream was to be a member of a metal band, but never had the means to learn a instrument. So in my adulthood, I got introduced to music making software, starting on the Amiga 1200 ‘Fasttrack’ software, to Ejay to Cool Edit Pro and ending at FL Studio.

For hardware, I got a Arturia Spark Creative Drum Machine, Novation Mininova & Launchpad.

My goal is to make atmospheric music, try and bring more depth into it rather than just do it. I’ve always had a big interest in music, never go for long without playing it home, in ears or where I can get my hands on a player. Influenced by bands such as Solar Fields, AES Dana, Carbon based Lifeform, Solid Snake, Hink Step and so many others in all genres and areas of music. Always having to many plans and ideas for what I want to do, I created a new profile, going by the name Sentient Gateway.



For a long time I’ve had the idea of making a sort of concept album, mixing voice acting with music. So instead of only have a album with tracks, you get both depth and story to make it all come alive. How this is going to be all done yet, I do not know, but the project is under way as we speak. You can go to the SENTIENT GATEWAY website for more information.



I would love to use hardware more, but it seem easier to do things in the software as the UR22  that I got won’t seem to connect as it should, So it’s been tricky to do both. I do love the Arturia Spark, the sequencer just has such a nice flow, and the possibility to do many cool things to build beats.

I bought the Novation Mininova to learn more hands on synth design, but I lack a lot of knowledge in music theory.

I get inspired by other artists a lot, images, movies, music, you name it. I have so many crazy ideas that I would love to put into reality, but time and knowledge is a bit of a killer. So I just do my thing, experiment and see where it ends up.